Wishlist Wednesday | The Books I Wish I Would Have Read While Growing Up

Do you ever feel embarrassed when someone asks you if you have read a book that is a total “classic” that EVERYONE has read and you clearly haven’t? For me, there are a lot of books like this and I always respond with, well it is on my list but I just haven’t made it there yet.

I feel like I am being overwhelmed with these books lately, seeing them on lists, twitter and even hearing them talk about them in other books! I try to read as much as I can, but I feel like I just won’t ever have enough time to read ALL of the books that are on my list.

For me, they might not all be classics but just books that I have wanted to read for a while but that keep getting pushed lower on my TBR list. Some of them I even own already (the whole, if I buy it I will be forced to read it sooner than later) but the excitement of new books always seem to take over.

If I ever do get to read these books will they have a different effect on me now? I mean, have I lost out on the opportunity to truly appreciate some of these books based on the fact that I am nearly 30? As you can tell this is something that deeply concerns me and adds to the reasons why I push it off, the fear of being disappointed, especially after having this high expectation of excellence so long.

Please don’t judge me, but feel free to encourage me to read any and all the books that I am about to list. Maybe with some peer pressure and words of encouragement I will pick up these books a little quicker. If you have not read any of these books, let’s do it together! So, here it goes, it no particular order.

– The Harry Potter Series (I think I read the first book but don’t remember it well).

– A Wrinkle in Time

– Catcher and the Rye

– Pride and Prejudice

– Bridge to Terabithia

– Pippy Longstocking

– The Borrowers

– The Giver

– Hatchet

– The Never Ending Story

– Inkheart

So now that I have ruined my reputation for you all, I hope you take this information and use it for the greater good. Create your own list of books you wish you had of read and if you think it isn’t too late for me yet, let me know which of these will change my life forever!

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