Free For All Friday | How Social Media Can Impact Books & Authors

This is the companion piece to my May 8th post regarding reviews.

Social media can be a wonderful tool. Imagine being able to reach your entire fanbase by using one post on Facebook, or Tweeting a picture of your latest book cover. You can run contests, recommend other authors that not only you’re friends with, but whose work you’re a fan of, and just generally be able to connect with your readers on a more personal level.


The downside of the internet, is when you run into an issue where an author takes things just a step too far (Like I discussed in May 8th post), and suddenly author’s find themselves either volunteering, or being forced to take a side. This particular incident saw a surge of author’s condemning the author in question for their actions, while only a small few stood behind the author in support of what had happened.

Either way you look at it, someone’s feelings are going to get hurt, and the large debate still remains regarding the breech of privacy. But that’s not what I want to talk about this week.

I want to talk about the impact on the author’s who stood behind their particular author, and how it’s impact them. Now, I’ll only use one author as my go to for this particular blog post today. I’m a fan of hers, although her recent book and novellas not so much (She’s been a featured Taste of Tuesday post and had a book reviewed). Prior to her second book coming out, I found myself looking around on GoodReads, and stumbled across the page for this book. Curious about some of the reviews, and why it had such a low rating, I began to investigate.

rdjA fair portion of the comments began with: “I enjoyed her first book… But then I found out she was friends/a supporter of the author who did the thing.”

I kid you not, I must have counted at least a dozen comments that had similar messages. Some of these reviews went on to say that they refused to support this author, because she supported ‘the author who did the thing’.

I’m curious what your thoughts are as a reader. If you knew about an incident like this, would you continue to support the author because your love their books/writing? Or would you be more skeptical of their future publishings? Hit the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Free For All Friday | How Social Media Can Impact Books & Authors

  1. aurorabuzz says:

    I feel like it can be taken two ways. If we view ourselves as the customer or the client of the authors and the event that occurred had offended or insulted another “customer” then I may agree. I don’t take well to authors belittling bloggers or readers openly for having an opinion. However, if they are openly discussing a view on politics or society it doesn’t bother me.

    I feel as though sometimes we, as bloggers, are expected to keep our negative opinions to ourselves and only express positive ones. Reviews can be as personal as the writing that we are reviewing. There are a few authors and situations that I have seen similar to this (I’m not sure which one you are referring to) and it makes me a little eerie and nervous while writing some of my reviews but it really shouldn’t.

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  2. To me, books are completely from the author. I regard every single book as a work of art and unless that author has raging questionable believes that I absolutely do not agree on, it won’t matter to me what kind of person they are. As long as authors keep their questionable opinions to themselves, I’m going to quietly enjoy their art. Also I rarely check authors’ social media accounts to find something to get upset about. It just ruins the fun.

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    • I tend to agree! I think that books should stand separate on their own good points and bad, and not be influenced by negativity the author receives. I don’t follow this particular author on social media, but other authors began commenting on ‘the thing that happened’, and it was why I found out about it.


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