Early Release | The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

I get far too excited for books, like it actually terrifies some people how excited and animated I can get when I’m very passionate about things.



One thing that will ensure my excitement? A much anticipated book being released early! It doesn’t happen very often, and sometimes it’s only certain stores that will have it out prior to it’s scheduled release day, but it gives me joy to realize I can get started on it sooner than originally planned.

Last summer, Erika Johansen published the widely popular ‘The Queen of the Tearling’. Prior to its release, it had already received such massive acclaim, and had even been picked up by actress Emma Watson, to become a movie – which she is also set to star in, as the lead Queen Kelsea Glynn. Due to so much press prior to its release, many stores had very little copies for a short period, before it exploded into stores, and could not be kept on the shelf.

Part of the acclaim attached to the story, was that there were rumours circling saying that this new fantasy book, was a perfect cross between ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘A Game of Thrones’. Widely popular titles in their own genres of YA and Fantasy, this book seemed like a perfect title to bridge the gap for those who may not have entered into either area before.

It’s been a very long year to wait for the sequel to this epic, but I have to admit, I’m extremely excited to start reading it!


Author’s note: In an attempt to try and get my ‘TBR’ list under control, I’ve technically had this book since Thursday evening, but I was already half-way through a novel, so I chose to sideline ‘The Invasion of the Tearling’ until I was finished the previous book.

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