Review | Scorched by Jennifer Armentrout


Format: Paperback, 320 pages
Published: June 16th 2015
Genre: Contemporary/Romance, New Adult
Age Range: 18+
Rating: 2.5/5

Do you ever read a book and find yourself connecting to characters? I do, and more frequently than not, I get overly attached to them as well. Sometimes I think I’m the ‘overly attached reader’ (Like the overly attached girlfriend meme) and I find myself wanting to know everything about these characters. It usually ends with me blasting through a book to find out what happens to them – Which, I later regret if the book was really good.

But sometimes? I have the biggest problem connecting to them.

I started, and finished Scorched by Jennifer Armentrout last night. As I’ve posted before, Jen is one of my favourite authors. I can pick up one of her books and instantly fall straight into it, without any issues. I was particularly looking forward to reading Scorched for a few reasons. One, it was the sequel to Frigid (Which came out in 2014, and was her first New Adult novel I read); Two, it’s a Jen NA novel, so you know there’s gonna be some hot scenes; and Three, the main character (Andrea) has a lot of issues – Particularly, drinking and mental illness.

Without going too much into my life (and Andrea’s story), I connected to her and her problems, because these were my problems. When I was in University, I did everything that she did (Sans one particular thing towards the end of the book). I partied too hard; drank too much; had (what are now considered to be) violent mood swings; The list of similarities between Andrea’s life and mine is almost the exact same – it’s kinda scary.

Even knowing all that, I still didn’t connect the way I thought I would, and I think partially that has to do with the fact that Andrea’s problems, were almost a second storyline to her romance with Tanner. Yes, romance and new adult books talk about romance and whatnot. But I’ve seen it done where there can be a perfect balance of romance and intricate plotlines that draw you in. Sadly, this wasn’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of Jen’s work… But I don’t know if I’m going to be as excited for her next releases. Scorched just felt like a bit of a disappointment, after so much build up.

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