Halloween – 10 Book Character Costumes!

Hey Everyone! As you may all know I am pregnant 🙂 Being pregnant around Halloween can be difficult because all of the costumes can be very frustrating. I know I did a post like this last year too (read here) but this year I have decided that I am going to try to find a costume where I can wear my maternity clothes! Here are a few of my favourite book to costume ideas that I have seen and thought of so far. Don’t worry, I understand that I am running out of time (Halloween is today after all!) but I think most of these can be pulled off fairly easily! So .. here it goes:

  1. Lisbeth Salander – If you have been living under a rock for the last few years and have not seen or read the books from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you can imagine a girl wearing all black, covered in piercings with a dragon tattoo. I think this costume could be very popular this year, the fourth book in the series was released in September and has brought everyone’s love for this twisted series back up to full force. If you saw this woman on a street corner, wouldn't you buy whatever book she was selling? (Photo: Twitter)Plus, if you live in Toronto, you probably saw the Lisbeth girls riding around on motorcycles advertising this book on release day! Here is a photo that @PenguinCanada tweeted out that morning – hopefully it will help give you some ideas!

2. Although a classic – Alice in Wonderland – needs no explanation, just a dress and a little white rabbit!

3. Madeline – This one would need you to have some very specific taste, or a great second hand store because I know I don’t happen to have a bright yellow hat, but overall a very simple costume – Blue overcoat, yellow hat and a red wig!

4. Sherlock Holmes – Although a tweed jacket would be appreciated, you could almost pull this look off with a simple magnifying glass and pipe!

5. Need a costume for a pair? Why not wear all red and be Thing 1 and Thing 2!

6. If you have a fancy Prom dress you could be America – The Selection series or Violet from the Lone City series.

7. What could be easier than dressing up like a mouse? Pretty much nothing, all you need are ears and if you are really enthusiastic a tail! But have no fear, you don’t have to be a normal mouse! Here are some twists on mice that could take your simple costume up a notch
– Geronimo/Thea Stilton
– Creepella Von Cacklefur
– Despereaux Tilling
– Stuart Little
– Ralph Mouse

8. Do you have a cape? Costume completed! Captain Underpants!

9. Attach a pair of pants to your outfit – The travelling pants! From the sisterhood of the travelling pants of course!

10. Lastly, another classic with three pieces
– Peter Pan
– Wendy
– Captain Hook

Some of these may be a little silly but I think there are at least some good ideas in here!! If you have any more please feel free to add them to the comments 🙂

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