Throwback Thursday | The books you loved as a kid


Being a new parent, I have started to look at books a different way. I want to find books that are educational, but also amusing. You guys know what I mean, we have all read them. Sometimes the books that are meant to help increase their knowledge are VERY boring. Now, for any of you that follow my reviews you will know that I love Oliver Jeffers book “Once Upon an Alphabet“. That book does what I think all educational books should do, it adds real stories to the purpose. Now, I won’t go and ramble again about this book but you should all know that my love for this book has only grown since I had my son.

Now is what this post is really for – I need your help! What books do you think I should find for my son? I remember growing up and reading all of the golden books, reading about Raggedy Ann and Andy, I remember loving books. There are a ton of new books that I really enjoy but I feel like I am forgetting about some of my old favourites. Please send me your suggestions – email me, tweet them or leave them in the comments. We have a 5ft bookshelf for him already but we read a lot so the more suggestions the better! I can’t wait to see what you guys suggest!

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