Graphic Novels – YAY or NAY

For those of you who know me, you know that I have been struggling lately to get into graphic novels. I have tried different ones to see if I can find one that really grabs my attention and sucks me in. I’m finding it WAY more difficult than I thought I would! So, I’ve been texting all my book friends asking for suggestions on what I should read that will have me convinced that this graphic novel trend is worthy. So far I am not having much luck.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them but I always end up having questions. My husband laughs and tells me “that is how graphic novels work, you need to keep reading and it’ll give you the character and plot descriptions later in the story” – “BUT WHERE DID THAT GUY COME FROM AND WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” I yell, feeling frustrated.

I like that graphic novels are quick reads and the pictures do help take some of the long descriptive parts out. I like that they are easy for reluctant readers. I don’t like that they seem to start in the middle – no character development, no plot development in the beginning. Do some graphic novels read like a novel with a plot curve? Maybe I am just reading the wrong ones.

I want to know how you all feel. Is it okay to sit on the fence with graphic novels? Are there graphic novel suggestions that you think might change my mind? I want to like graphic novels, I really do. Please help me!

2 thoughts on “Graphic Novels – YAY or NAY

  1. I am yay!! I love graphic novels!! They tend to be a treat for me though. ..they are expensive for the amount of time it takes to read them!!

    Have you tried Amulet??

    Or Through the woods? That one is short stories…so it might be better….


    • aurorabuzz says:

      I haven’t yet. I’m currently trying Lumberjanes. I will add amulet and Through the woods to my list though! There has to be at least one I like!

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