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In this blog you will find a whole lot of book themed fun run by three avid book lovers! Having been book sellers for our day jobs you will see that we have a substantial knowledge of books and book themed things alike. We love to make recommendations and share our passion for all things books!

Meet the Bloggers! 


Hi Everyone and Welcome! My name is Aurora and I am book crazy. You will often see me leaving a book store with three or more bags each time. I read all YA genres for the purpose of recommending and book chatting. Some of my favourite authors include, but are not limited to; Sarah Dessen, Roald Dahl, Eric Walters, Susane Colasanti, Sue Townsend, Marie Lu, and Jessica Shirvington.

I feel like there is a book for everyone so keep that in mind with my reviews. Just because a book is not for me it does not mean I wouldn’t recommend it to someone on my friends list. However, I do not look kindly towards books with poor plot lines, poor character development, or errors (although I will look past them in ARCs). If you would like to send me a recommendation, or need one for yourself please contact me!

You can contact Aurora:

Email                  aurora@buzzonbooks.com

Leafmarks         AuroraBuzz

Goodreads       Aurora Buzz

Twitter              @AuroraBuzz


Hey guys, I’m Autumn and like Aurora, I’m book obsessed! My obsession has gotten so bad that I’ve been told if I come home with more books (without getting rid of some prior to), I’ll be disowned. I’ve got about 10 books currently on the go, and nearly 150 waiting in the wings. It’s a problem. I read a wide range of books, but most recently I’ve been floating around the YA genre, with a little bit of Sci-Fi and New Adult thrown in for good measure. Some of my favourite authors include, but are not limited to: K.A. Tucker, Richelle Mead, Robert Munsch, Jennifer Armentrout, Veronica Rossi, Gayle Forman and Rachel Caine.

I put a lot of thought, time, and consideration into my reviews and recommendations. Although I may not enjoy a book, I try to find the selling features when people ask about it. Like Aurora, if a book has a poor plot line, poor character development or errors (excluding ARCs), they will most likely not receive a favourable review from me. If you need a recommendation or you’d like to send me one, feel free!

You can contact Autumn:

Email                  Autum@buzzonbooks.com

Goodreads       Autum Dupont

Twitter              @autumdupont



Hello, my name is Shannon and I am what some people would call a book nerd! I never leave home without a book to keep me company. Reading is my escape, my chance to be someone new and travel to places I’ve never been and in so many cases don’t exist.

My favourite authors include Andrew Davidson, Maggie Stiefvater, Jodi Picoult, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Kate Morton.

I love making book recommendations and thrive off the challenge of finding the perfect book for others. Even more so, I love when my enthusiasm for a book rubs off on others and they become equally as passionate about it as I am. I am someone who looks for a personal connection with the characters I am reading about and tend to pay a lot of attention to the structure and development of a plot and storyline.

I love finding new authors to fall in love with and would be more than happy to receive any book recommendations that you may have or vice versa!

You can contact Shannon:

Email                  shannon.buzzonbooks@gmail.com

Goodreads       Shannon

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