TBR | Managing your TBR list

All book lovers know that the struggle of the TBR list can be very difficult. It seems to be a never-ending list that grows faster than you can knock things off of it. I have seen a few difference creative ways that people use to help them decide which books they read next but I am curious to see how my readers decide.

Here are some questions I have for you:

Do you only put books on your TBR list that you own? Or do you have a different way to categorize the books that you own vs. the books that you are interested in reading

How do you choose which book you read next?

How long is your TBR list?

How/what tools do you use to keep track of your TBR list?

What do you do with the books that have been on your TBR list for a long time? Do you treat them differently if they have been on there for a month vs. a year?

Have you ever knocked books off of your list without reading them? Why? – BE HONEST!

I am guilty of having two different TBR lists – the one on goodreads that often contains books I will never get around to reading and my book shelves which contain books that I have fully intended on reading at one point and still haven’t.

Are you successfully managing your TBR? How do you do it?

Currently Reading | Black Widow – Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

blackwidowSo I just recently left my bookstore job, after being there for 3 years (and 2 months!). Strangely enough, this was the job I’ve held the longest since I was 15. Kind of surreal! Anyway, I have a full-time job now, which keeps me crazy busy, so that’s what I’ve been upto for the past little while! As part of a treat to myself for leaving the bookstore, I dropped an obscene amount of money on books… As if I needed help doing that! Because I’d taken a step away from blogging, I’d missed out on hearing about bigger YA titles coming out this fall.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this beauty sitting on the shelf, looking very sleek with its black cover and red accents – Natasha Romonoff’s (aka Black Widow) stands out quite clearly, and the signature ‘Black Widow’ hourglass provides a smart link to the book.

Currently I’m only about 10 chapters in, but its a very fast paced, action-filled read. If you’re a Black Widow fan, or even just a Marvel fan in general, this is a MUST read! There are slight mentions to things discussed in The Avengers, but if you’re new to the Marvel fandom, you do not have to have seen The Avengers in order to read it! The only question I have currently, is where exactly in the Marvel timeline does this book fall?